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Sport and generally keeping fit has always been a way of life for me. I’ve enjoyed Swimming, Squash, The Gym, Free Weights, Cycling, Skiing, Windsurfing, Circuit Training. I run regularly, I’ve completed in half marathons and marathons. However, that is not to say that I haven’t had my own battles with my weight during this time!  In my late teens I ballooned from a skinny child to a pretty podgy 18 year old at college.   Early morning swimming took care of the weight for me at that stage of my life.  Later, after the birth of my children, I gained weight again.  After the birth of my son I was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid making the whole weight issue even more tricky to overcome.

In spite of continuing to exercise the weight did not shift.  Easter of 2011 I remember being very fed up with myself and with a ‘big’ birthday fast approaching decided it was now or never and I was going to shift the excess despite what my GP said!  Inspired by a couple of other ladies who had lost weight without needing to attend classes of any description, I grilled them as to how they achieved this.  Read a couple of recommended books and embarked on changing my lifestyle.  By this time it was June 2011.

I took note of all vital statistics, kept a food diary, plotted charts and committed myself to the task for as long as it was going to take.   I anticipated that by Christmas I would be at the weight I wanted to be.

I had good days/bad days, but always kept a note and stuck to my plan.  Sometimes my weight even went up!!  Which was maddening.  However, I reached my goal by mid November and was able to attend a Winter Ball wearing a dress I’d not been able to wear for years and I felt fabulous!

Throughout this time I had continued to run, 3 times a week for about half an hour to 45 minutes.  Though this was great from a CV point of view, it did nothing to tone abs or arms.  It would be 18 months until I was introduced to an exercise class that made a massive difference for me in that respect.

In February/March 2013 I was asked to join a group of ladies to exercise once a week in a circuit class.  As part of this group we changed trainers a couple of times until we met a lady called Leigh O’Donnell who introduced us all to Kettlercise®.  We loved it!

I especially loved it and went to Leigh’s classes in Ludgershall a further twice a week.  Going 3 times a week I noticed in 6-8 weeks tone and definition the like of which I had never enjoyed before and I was hooked.

Leigh fell pregnant, her husband was in the Army and so that combination meant that she was not able to continue to teach us.  Bereft, we all wondered what on earth we were going to do!  It was suggested that I could teach and I readily agreed that I’d go and get trained in order to be able to continue to teach the group, without at that time realising just what I had agreed to!

September 2013 I started my ‘Exercise to Music’ training in Swindon.  December I completed that course.  In September 2013 I did my Group Kettlercise instructors course and on the 30th September 2013 started teaching these classes…….

I have not looked back!

I love the classes, they’re great fun to teach, a massive buzz and the results, as long as you’re consistent and eat well are amazing!

I’ve since gained other qualifications, have other training courses booked and continue to expand my class programme and my own level of expertise and knowledge, in order that I can provide the very best service to my clients as is possible.

Level 2 ETM

Level 2 GYM
Kettlercise Basic Group Fitness Instructor
Kettlercise H.Core Group Fitness Instructor
Kettlebell Specialist Level 1 Instructor                                                                                                                                                   Kettlebell Specialist Level 2 Instructor

Burrell Education – 3rd Age ‘

ChoreographyToGo HiiT Instructor

PureStretch Instructor

Below is a ‘before’ picture and an ‘after’ picture…….  So you see, I am human!

Before Tidworth 6K


After -still holding the chocolate