PureStretch began in 2011 with the vision of educating and improving people’s flexibility.
With over 15 years of fitness experience ranging from high impact classes to Yoga and Pilates, Ciaran Organ the founder of PureStretch is very aware that the three cornerstones of well-rounded fitness are stamina, strength & flexibility. Many peoples concept of fitness is all about the cardio training and the most neglected component is flexibility. It is PureStretch’s mission to address this problem.

Tight hamstrings, sore muscles and poor core strength can affect your whole posture leading to discomfort. Increase your range of movement, decrease your risk of injury and improve your quality of life with PureStretch.

Why PureStretch?


  • Improves flexibility
  • Develops core strength
  • Releases muscular tension
  • Suitable for everyone
  • Easy to follow
  • Sociable and light hearted WHAT IS PURESTRETCH?


PureStretch is a 45 minute class designed to lengthen the entire body whilst focusing on core stability.


PureStretch will improve flexibility, develop core strength and add more balance to a fitness routine.


PureStretch classes are designed to be light hearted, stimulating and interactive. They are choreographed in such a way that all levels of fitness can attend and enjoy them.

PureStretch was originally created as a light hearted alternative to classes such as Yoga and Pilates. The idea was simple, teach people how to stretch correctly and develop core strength.

Check out this video clip of a sample class, recorded by a fellow instructor:

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