“I can do the exercises without aggravating my bad knee, which is a big plus for me, I have found that I feel fitter all round and have gained core strength as a result of the classes”

“The class is fun but challenging but that’s what I like, nothing more satisfying as you cool down to feel you have had a good all over workout.”

“Highly recommend it and as a nurse have in fact recommended it to some of my patients.”

“Debbie has a great way to make everybody feel comfortable with the programmes. I enjoy them immensely and am generally much fitter as a result ”

“My body shape has changed for the better! I have seen inches disappear from my waist, hips, thighs!!! My strength has increased and I am now able to use a higher weight.”

“Since starting the classes, I have more stamina, I am more positive generally, I have begun to see changes in my figure in particular finding my waist which does exist after all, reduced “bingo wings” and my posture is very much improved.”

“The class is welcoming and friendly as is Debbie who has a lovely, reassuring manner and who makes you feel at home right from the start. It’s lovely to see men”

“Friends and family think I’ve lost weight…I haven’t, I’ve got toned. I’ve dropped a dress-size and gained a waist. I’d recommend everyone to give it a go”

“You can do the exercises at your own pace, and use the weight you feel most comfortable with. Debbie helps and encourages throughout so whatever your fitness level you can enjoy the class and feel the benefits”

“A great energising class with a lovely family atmosphere. Only a part-time attendee before a foot operation I now want to return! Would thoroughly recommend…”